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Why AR Should be Considered for the ‘New Normal’ Workplace

Learn how to effectively use AR smart glasses for different industrial applications and the benefits that they provide.


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How Autonomous, Wireless Charging is Ushering in Industry 4.0

Automatic wireless charging can improve mobile robotic system productivity, availability, and safety.


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Sensor Smarts: 4 Considerations for Post-COVID Workplaces

Deployment must be a well-orchestrated process to achieve the real benefits.



Driving Innovation With Simulation

Simulation platforms are moving the industry away from 'one-size-fits-all' solutions, making way for collaboration, flexibility, and cost reduction in the midst of COVID-19.


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The Latest in Machine Tools

Take a look at the latest equipment from HEIDENHAIN, Fastems, ATI Industrial Automation, Kennametal, Siemens, and more.


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Chuck is a collaborative robot that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help employees work faster by leading associates through their work zones to help them minimize walking, stay on task, and work more efficiently. Chuck can be used in all put-away, picking, counting, replenishment, and sorting tasks. Chuck doesn’t need wires, cables or stickers to move around; state-of-the-art sensors help it navigate in any warehouse without any new infrastructure. Chuck is aware of its surroundings, moving swiftly around boxes and racks and slowing down when equipment or people are in the area. The collaborative robot can be used on all types of warehouse floors, including rack-supported mezzanine.

Chuck doesn’t get tired and can run 24/7 with the latest in battery technology for rapid recharging. With large, modular, and multi-level workspaces, Chuck is one of the most configurable, collaborative mobile robots in the industry and can handle up to a 200 lb. payload. The robot’s directional lights resemble those of an automobile, and it uses familiar touch-screen controls, RF technology, and put-to-light cues. Chuck’s engaging design and easy-to-use interface are intended to enable new associates to reach performance standards quickly.

A screen on Chuck shows users information about their own productivity during a shift, alerting them if they’re close to achieving a personal best, for example. The idea is to motivate them to work as safely and efficiently as possible. Currently, the start-up’s software connects to retailers’ and shippers’ systems to get data about what orders are coming in the door, and where items are located in a facility. Chuck also takes in data from on-board sensors to navigate within centimeters of a desired item on a shelf.


The series expands the handling capabilities of previous Skymaster positioners with new intelligent PRO software that enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions. Thanks to the visual software tool, the operator gets a better understanding of the overall production, improves manufacturing capacity, and saves time especially in serial production.

The software can memorize numerous welding positions, so the valuable knowledge each welder has can be saved and applied for later use. Additionally, the software brings new dimensions to the service and maintenance of the welding positioner. The PRO dashboard can be managed with a mobile, tablet, or laptop device. The wireless connection between the welding positioner and digital device is based on WiFi.

Currently, the PRO feature comes as a standard for Skymaster models with handling capacity from 750 up to 35,000 kg.

Learn more about the PEMA Skymaster PRO


SmartSolutions features easy-to-install, integrated, and customizable IIOT kits of sensors, wireless solutions, and LED lighting. The kits, combined with integrated software, immediately bring predictive monitoring and maintenance data online.


With its 1.3.0 software upgrade, the StateMonitor system offers CNC manufacturers a modernized and effective way to connect their control and PC systems. Including newly added StateMonitor options, users involved in this Industry 4.0 connected machining initiative can now more simply view data and evaluate control processes remotely and in real-time. This can be used to connect and monitor both HEIDENHAIN and non-HEIDENHAIN controls.


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