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A water line set into the energy chain feeds the plants and feeds the plants, delivering about 5,417 gallons of water per hour. Living Greens Farm has 86 traverse systems in operation to help grow its products.

Food for Thought: Vertical Farming

Amid a booming world population, technology is helping find more efficient and earth-friendly ways to grow crops.


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Did you know that production and shift changes compound the difficulty to maintain consistent costs and a reliable air supply? Kaeser can help you save an average of 60% reduction in waste.

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The Latest in Safety Equipment

From sanitation to fall protection—stay safe with the latest equipment in the industry.


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On the Verge of a Green and Clean Era in the Metal Tool Industry

Expensive metalworking fluids are no longer needed to cool and lubricate workpieces and cutting tools. A green and clean method, EcoCooling, uses ionized and cooled air without the environmental hazards and costs related to oil-based fluids.


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Faced with challenging specifications for increasing cooling tower capacity and the need for reduced maintenance cost and inspection accessibility, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) developed an innovative solution for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven  F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center
The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is home to several aircraft hangars with an exhibited collection of thousands of aviation and space artifacts, as well as a theater, observation tower, and restoration facilities. With extensive facilities and an HVAC system that could not keep pace with demands, it became clear to the museum and to the consulting engineers at AECOM, who managed the project, that a new HVAC system was desperately needed.

The museum, located in Chantilly VA, was supported by cooling towers that were old and lacked the adequate capacity to serve the building’s increasing cooling load. Site conditions did not allow for a larger cooling tower footprint to meet the increased load. To deliver enough chilled water at peak efficiency and to fix the original hydronic design for the towers, the facility managers were faced with elevating the towers by six feet. While solving the HVAC system performance challenges, this created a service dilemma: how to safely and efficiently perform routine inspection and maintenance on cooling towers that were 25 ft above ground.

Working with the Smithsonian Institution and AECOM, the engineers at Baltimore Aircoil Company and The Morin Company, the local BAC representative, presented an innovative solution to dramatically improve the reliability of the cooling tower while reducing the need for regular service and maintenance of the fan-drive system.

“Other Smithsonian buildings have incorporated BAC’s towers, and we at AECOM have also worked with BAC in the past,” said Dilip Parikh, P.E., Senior Project Manager at AECOM. “We had seen positive results in these prior projects and the customer support from BAC is superb, so we elected to work with them again.”

The result was a recommendation to replace the existing cooling towers with new cooling tower technology from BAC, which would improve heat rejection capacity and chiller functions. The solution enhanced the capacity of the cooling tower within the existing tower footprint, and most importantly, reduce maintenance requirements.

ENDURADRIVE Fan System technology solves maintenance concerns
In order to ensure the safety of maintenance professionals during the life of the cooling tower and a reduction in overall maintenance costs, Parikh and the BAC team decided to replace the traditional fan power transmission with an innovative, simplified direct-drive fan system.

“I knew that direct-drive would likely be the right path for us to take since we wanted to avoid unnecessary gears or belts that would need to be maintained and replaced,” Parikh said. “BAC then brought their ENDURADRIVE Fan System to my attention, and I immediately recognized that it was a perfect fit.”

Direct-drive fan systems are becoming accepted as the gold standard for high reliability and low maintenance throughout the markets BAC serves. BAC has led the evaporative cooling industry for over a decade in applying innovative technologies to factory assembled evaporative heat transfer products. “With over 500 direct-drive motors installed in the U.S., including in some of the most demanding climates and applications, and with over 3.5 million operating hours, we knew that the ENDURADRIVE Fan System would provide AECOM and the Smithsonian Institution the peace of mind they needed. Also, by eliminating moving parts, gearbox oil changes, and other routine inspections, fan-drive maintenance costs are cut by 90%,” said Stephen Kline, Applications Manager at BAC.

 “Our experience is when applying the ENDURADRIVE Fan System to traditional cooling towers, our customers enjoy high reliability. They also reduce their costs for operating the cooling tower fan motor up to 10% by eliminating the usual transmission losses of gearboxes and belts. We expect their investment will pay for itself in less than 36 months,” said Kevin Morin, President of The Morin Company.

Thanks to the customer choosing BAC’s ENDURADRIVE Fan System, the cooling towers at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center are now capable of meeting the site’s cooling needs with extremely limited maintenance requirements.

“For other companies considering putting a new cooling tower on their own or a client’s building, I say, ‘Go for the ENDURADRIVE Fan System!” Parikh said. “Maintenance is the most important concern–who wants to go up on top of a 25-ft tower or up inside of it to look at gears or the belt drive when something breaks? With the new fan system that concern is just about eliminated, the efficiency is greater, and even the installation is easier.”

The BAC Series 3000 cooling tower with ENDURADRIVE Fan System was installed at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center at the end of 2018 and has been in continuous operation since then. As expected, BAC’s cooling tower solution has reduced maintenance and increased efficiency for the Smithsonian Institution, and it continues to meet the performance needs of the center.

“BAC sized the new cooling tower with increased capacity while staying within the pre-existing footprint. Since its installation, it has helped enable the HVAC system to maintain precise temperature and humidity, a critical concern in the museum building and research facility,” Parikh said. “Most importantly, the need to climb the tower is rare, so the facilities personnel can remain safe even as the performance of the tower has improved.”

BAC’s innovative solution for the National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center met the project’s challenging specifications for increasing cooling tower capacity and has led to dramatically reduced maintenance costs and greater inspection accessibility. Visitors and staff alike will enjoy the benefits of this enhanced cooling tower system for years to come.


EnerSys released a video that exemplifies the strength and resilience of the NexSys PURE Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery in the most demanding conditions.

The video features a series of four extreme tests performed by experts on a NexSys PURE battery to depict the durability of the product. Key qualities that contribute to the battery’s tenacity and resilient performance include its tolerance to extreme temperatures, resistance to shock and vibration, and fortitude to power through external impact. These important factors demonstrate the value of NexSys PURE batteries to the material handling industry.

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“The goal of this video is to illustrate the true power and grit of NexSys PURE batteries to deliver superior results for industrial vehicle operations,” said Jordann Gaspari, Senior Manager of Marketing, Motive Power Americas at EnerSys. “Despite being put through some of the toughest conditions imaginable, our NexSys PURE battery still produced power. It’s a testament to its unwavering ability to perform in even the most extreme circumstances.”

Engineered with the latest generation of proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, NexSys PURE batteries are ideal for light to medium-duty applications and can perform in temperatures of as low as 12°F (-11°C). Its military-inspired design enables it to withstand extreme shock and vibration. NexSys PURE batteries have the ability to deliver more power than conventional flooded lead-acid batteries in up to 30% less space. With fast and opportunity charging, in the correct application, NexSys PURE batteries can get you through your workday without the hassle of battery change.

Editor's Choice


TF-350, the first fully portable facial temperature sensor suitable for both gatherings and individuals, detects, analyzes, and classifies the facial temperature of humans without hesitation and with an accuracy of 5 hundredths of a degree.


Featuring a faster, higher payload and a more flexible delta robot, the IRB 390 FlexPacker supports customized packaging; vertical packing and high-speed, high-variation sorting; and on-demand order picking in logistics and e-commerce fulfillment centers.


The Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT provides reliable cellular-based internet connectivity over NB-IoT and CAT-M1 for remote assets that are otherwise hard to reach and connect.


Maximizing maneuverability in dense storage configurations, the GP155-170SVX ICE pneumatic tire forklift offers a shorter counterweight, turn assist system, optimized forward visibility, and a rearview display to optimize control in congested spaces.


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