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Belt Conveyors Instead of Trucks: Does It Pay Off?

BEUMER Group provides open troughed belt conveyors as an alternative to trucks for the transportation of bulk materials. The decision for or against investing depends on many different factors.


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Power Pusher’s Power Tug™ mobilizes loads up to 5000 pounds with minimal manpower. Its mono-drive wheel with stabilizing caster enables it to move loads over uneven surfaces. Its body, equipped with an electric actuator, allows for many load heights.

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PLA Advances Are Changing the Plastics Industry

Independence from petroleum-based plastics is becoming more achievable as it develops into an issue of national importance.


Teaching Old Machines New Tricks Image

Teaching Old Machines New Tricks

Retrofitting legacy equipment to work alongside new technologies.


Daniel Barel, Ree Co Founder And Ceo

REE’s innovative architecture is becoming the cornerstone of the broadest range of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Success In The Saddle 2

Cycling is a popular sport. Under exertion, however, it exposes the body to considerable mechanical stress: 10 hours of cycling means 54,000 pedal strokes and as many bends of the knee, hip, postural muscles, and joint restrictions. The repetitive movement of pedaling places great demands on tendons and joints. This can lead to functional and biomechanical dysfunctions and thus be the cause of pain and injuries, combined with a drop in performance and training standstill.

According to a study (Clarsen Krosshaug, 2010), professional cyclists often complain of pain, especially in the back (85%) or in the knees (57%). In addition to avoiding pain or even injuries, any increase in performance plays a major role in professional sport. The most diverse bike fitting methods are now used to adapt the bike to the individual needs of the athlete.

The French bike fitting specialist AR-Entraînement focuses primarily on the evaluation of the specific performance requirements and physical abilities of the individual cyclists. This is because every cyclist has different requirements, both in terms of physical conditions such as body size, lever length of the extremities or weight, and in terms of physical and coordinative abilities, such as mobility. In collaboration with the professional racing bike team Vital Concept B&B Hotels, AR-Entraînement has developed an analysis system that is used primarily in their performance center.

The bike fitting specialist combines static, dynamic, and perceptive analysis methods. "The system is based on practical experience and exchanges with fitness trainers, osteopaths, and doctors from the world of cycling, on the theoretical examination of scientific findings and on common sense," explains Managing Director Alban Renaud.

For analysis, the professional's bicycle is fixed in a roller trainer. An IDS camera is positioned exactly parallel to the bike and rider to record this set in a two-dimensional X-Y axis. While the cyclist pedals with different intensity and in different positions, the camera captures the motion sequence. In high quality and with high frequency (60fps) changes of the joint angles are recorded exactly and without any distortion. The IDS camera, connected to a powerful laptop via USB 3.0, transfers the data using free motion analysis software.

The direct effects on the respective mechanical parameters of the rider are measured, i.e. the influence of force, movement, and pedal technology. Movement-related deformations are taken into account because the pedal movement is not simply pedaling in a circle: The joint angles of the riders show deviations of up to 15-deg. The resulting constantly changing effect on the entire body influences the overall efficiency of pedaling.

%{[ data-embed-type="image" data-embed-id="5f7dc6ae2934eea0018b456e" data-embed-element="span" data-embed-size="640w" data-embed-alt="Figure 1: Frontal analysis allows the kinematics of the lower extremities to be identified during pedaling." data-embed-src="" data-embed-caption="Figure 1: Frontal analysis allows the kinematics of the lower extremities to be identified during pedaling." data-embed-credit="IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc." ]}%

The "Kinovea" software detects the IDS camera as soon as the cyclist package of the IDS Software Suite is installed. It allows manual measurement of angles, distances, and times, as well as semi-automatic tracking to trace trajectories of points in the video. The timeline allows the user to move forwards or backwards at the desired speed or frame by frame to stop at the right time and to highlight the elements in question. The images can be enlarged up to 6 times. Alignment or connection angles can be measured on the selected image to evaluate the respective wheel settings. Depending on the measurement data, adjustments are made as required, taking into account the biomechanical properties and requirements of the cyclist. A new acquisition is carried out after each change of setting.

The changes in the various joint angles during pedaling is shown in a diagram using the software. The trajectory of markers positioned exactly on the cyclist serves as the basis for this.

%{[ data-embed-type="image" data-embed-id="5f7dc7df4fd67f3b058b4570" data-embed-element="span" data-embed-size="640w" data-embed-alt="Illustration 2: Angle kinematics via Kinovea software." data-embed-src="" data-embed-caption="Illustration 2: Angle kinematics via Kinovea software." data-embed-credit="IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc." ]}%

Kinovea can display multiple videos simultaneously to observe the cyclist in different shots and compare different settings. The software also provides easy video management and several useful key combinations to quickly retrieve data and improve analysis efficiency.

%{[ data-embed-type="image" data-embed-id="5f7dc6bb3677d44e048b456a" data-embed-element="span" data-embed-size="640w" data-embed-alt="Figure 3: Comparison of the effects of the changes made." data-embed-src="" data-embed-caption="Figure 3: Comparison of the effects of the changes made." data-embed-credit="IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc." ]}%


The system processes images from a UI-3240LE camera with a USB 3.0 interface. This particularly powerful industrial camera is equipped with a very light-sensitive e2v 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. In addition, it offers global and rolling shutter variants that can be switched during operation, thus enabling maximum flexibility for changing requirements and environmental conditions. In addition, a maximum of four Areas of Interest are available. This allows either several characteristics to be checked simultaneously or the AOIs to be captured in an exposure series with different parameters. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, the USB 3 uEye LE can be integrated particularly easily.

%{[ data-embed-type="image" data-embed-id="5f7dc6c8e96af883048b456f" data-embed-element="span" data-embed-size="640w" data-embed-alt="Usb3ueye Le 2" data-embed-src="" data-embed-caption="" data-embed-credit="IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc." ]}%

These characteristics have convinced the managing director of AR-Entraînement: "The Global shutter technology ensures that the image segments are not distorted during movement, a very important feature for high precision," explains Alban Renaud. The price, long-term availability, and long service life of the camera also played a role in the purchase decision. "The high transmission rate is also a decisive factor. The compact and robust design allows easy transport. Because the system has to be mobile in order to be able to look after the cyclists in training camps."


According to Alban Renaud, cyclists themselves often lack the necessary know-how about biomechanical and kinematic relationships. "This is a complex issue that requires a great deal of information," explains Alban Renaud. His target: Knowledge transfer and assistance of the independence of professional cyclists.

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With his method, he wants to increase not only the performance but also the physical well-being of the cyclist. With better-aligned forces, more useful mechanical energy is generated with the same energy input and so the same effort leads to a higher speed. At the same time, a comfortable posture provides more comfort and thus enables better performance. Alban Renaud wants riders to be able to position themselves optimally on the bike to prevent pain, minimize the risk of injury, and maximize sporting success.

Authored by: Silke Von Gemmingen, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

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Editor's Choice


In a new take on a western classic, the RIO FLEX pull-on work boot features a square-toed silhouette and updated modern technology to improve fit, comfort, flexibility, and durability. The RIO FLEX is purpose-built for the most demanding jobs in difficult terrain to ensure workers can tackle projects safely and comfortably.

Safety professionals interested in the RIO FLEX line or any of Red Wing’s safety footwear for their employees can easily manage the purchase process by participating in Red Wing for Business, an innovative platform that combines digital and retail experiences. This simplified purchasing process gives workers access to digital vouchers that they can use to purchase more than 250 industry-specific designs at any Red Wing retail store, on-site mobile shoe store or authorized Red Wing retailer. Red Wing for Business reduces administration time, mitigates risks by assuring the right boot is selected for the job, and eliminates costly waste and inaccuracies.

Read more about the RIO FLEX here.


The series expands the handling capabilities of previous Skymaster positioners with new intelligent PRO software that enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions. Thanks to the visual software tool, the operator gets a better understanding of the overall production, improves manufacturing capacity, and saves time especially in serial production.

The software can memorize numerous welding positions, so the valuable knowledge each welder has can be saved and applied for later use. Additionally, the software brings new dimensions to the service and maintenance of the welding positioner. The PRO dashboard can be managed with a mobile, tablet, or laptop device. The wireless connection between the welding positioner and digital device is based on WiFi.

Currently, the PRO feature comes as a standard for Skymaster models with handling capacity from 750 up to 35,000 kg.

Learn more about the PEMA Skymaster PRO


Chuck is a collaborative robot that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help employees work faster by leading associates through their work zones to help them minimize walking, stay on task, and work more efficiently. Chuck can be used in all put-away, picking, counting, replenishment, and sorting tasks. Chuck doesn’t need wires, cables or stickers to move around; state-of-the-art sensors help it navigate in any warehouse without any new infrastructure. Chuck is aware of its surroundings, moving swiftly around boxes and racks and slowing down when equipment or people are in the area. The collaborative robot can be used on all types of warehouse floors, including rack-supported mezzanine.

Chuck doesn’t get tired and can run 24/7 with the latest in battery technology for rapid recharging. With large, modular, and multi-level workspaces, Chuck is one of the most configurable, collaborative mobile robots in the industry and can handle up to a 200 lb. payload. The robot’s directional lights resemble those of an automobile, and it uses familiar touch-screen controls, RF technology, and put-to-light cues. Chuck’s engaging design and easy-to-use interface are intended to enable new associates to reach performance standards quickly.

A screen on Chuck shows users information about their own productivity during a shift, alerting them if they’re close to achieving a personal best, for example. The idea is to motivate them to work as safely and efficiently as possible. Currently, the start-up’s software connects to retailers’ and shippers’ systems to get data about what orders are coming in the door, and where items are located in a facility. Chuck also takes in data from on-board sensors to navigate within centimeters of a desired item on a shelf.


The Irisys SafeCount Live Occupancy Monitoring Solution helps businesses comply with social distancing and occupancy guidelines by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit buildings and rooms.


The Breezy One autonomous mobile robot is the first solution to offer efficient, hands-free, and safe sanitization specifically designed for large scale facilities. Breezy One can disinfect a 100,000 square-foot facility in 1.5 hours eliminating 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. The disinfected space can be re-entered in as little as two hours with no harmful residue or risk to employees or passengers.

Co-developed with the City of Albuquerque’s Aviation Department and built in the United States, Breezy One launched earlier this month and has been shown to effectively and safely sanitize the entire airport. The Build with Robots team is able to remotely change the robot’s paths, schedules and frequencies as needs change, thanks to Fetch Robotics’ cloud software and base robot.

Breezy One’s disinfectant was originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories for mitigation and decontamination of chemical and biological agents and is one of the strongest and most vetted disinfection agents commercially available. The EPA-registered disinfectant has been tested by nine government agencies and over 10 independent laboratories, is effective against viruses (including the novel coronavirus), bacteria and spores, and meets nationwide hospital requirements for pathogen disinfection.

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